Our team is comprised of independent highly-skilled professionals working in a collaborative and participative manner who are thrilled at their peers’ success, envisioning the success of the whole group.

We are happy to have an atmosphere of harmony in which our professionals are fully integrated. And it is this spirit that leads us to pursue excellence continuously and connects our lawyers, paralegals, executives, economists and service providers, who are constantly seeking to perform their tasks in an excellent manner.

Fernando Carlos Luz Moreira

Lawyer | OAB/SP 102.385

Brunno Luz Moreira

Lawyer | OAB/SP 375.448

Lisângela Jaqueto

Lawyer | OAB/SP 189.012

Camila Abolafio

Lawyer | OAB/SP 203.614

Leonardo Ramos

Lawyer | OAB/SP 252.901

Rafael Rotundo

Lawyer | OAB/SP 240.064

Rita Arroteia

Lawyer | OAB/SP 93.353

João Pedro Piotto

Lawyer | OAB/SP 445.603

Support Staff

Alexandre Neves

Financial Assistant

Carlos Aigner


Fernando Gomide


Letícia Ferreira

Administrative Assistant