Founded in 1993 by attorneys Agenor Luz Moreira and Fernando Carlos Luz Moreira, Luz Moreira Advogados started its activities in the field of Public Law by litigating mainly claims regarding breach of contract.

We have taken a large number of cases involving breaches of contracts by the government and government-controlled companies, especially the Highway Department (DER) and the transport and logistic infrastructure state-owned company DERSA, as well as condemnation and inverse condemnation proceedings for environmental, urban and land reform purposes.

Having handled Public Law cases successfully, we became specialized in another important segment in Brazil: claims involving certificate of government debt. In fact, we have set a benchmark for all types of services related to the abovementioned documents.

Since inception, Luz Moreira Advogados has been taking Private Law cases as well. In the field of civil litigations, we have always fulfilled our clients’ needs related to different segments of Civil Law – Real Estate Law, Family Law, Succession Law, Commercial Law or Tort Law – as well as given our clients strategic customized advice to help them make decisions.

We pride ourselves on having provided personalized, unique law services in a successful manner and in keeping with the latest trends for both individuals and legal entities throughout our history.

Driven by our commitment and innovative spirit since we went into business, we keep our history of success alive by retaining talents and improving continuously to overcome the new challenges with excellence and guarantee the future of everyone who is a part of it.