Practice Areas

We are highly skilled in, and widely recognized for, litigating disputes and conflicts involving claims for damages, notably for contract breaches and noncompliance in general by public authorities, especially collection suits for breaches of government contracts and condemnation proceedings.

Our success in providing safe and practical guidance for our clients and winning the cases we handled led us to broaden the scope of our activities. We started dealing with certificate of government debt and achieved such great recognition that we are now one of the most important law firms in this field.

After we gained recognition and respect in the legal market in the city and in the state of São Paulo, as well as throughout Brazil, especially before the Higher Courts, our clients started submitting to us cases from other fields of Law.

In view of the unique manner in which we handled our cases, we began dealing with Private Law issues more and more often (litigations and advisory opinions), both before courts and in other forms of alternative dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation and out-of-court settlements.)

Our success in defending our clients’ interests (especially those requiring piercing the corporate veil to collect debts and receive damages), settling Family and Succession Law issues and offering personalized advisory services to help our clients make decisions motivates us to remain on course: providing high-quality services in a wide range of areas of Law.

We operate throughout Brazil by means of correspondents and/or partners to facilitate communication with both lower courts and higher courts.

Since we offer legal services in such an advanced and successful manner, we are always at the forefront of Law, handling leading cases and helping shape court precedents in Brazil.

This innovative spirit has, therefore, prompted us to focus more closely on offering advisory services, drafting contracts and producing legal opinions on a wide range of legal issues.

Civil Litigation


Legal Counseling

In Public and Private Law.