We are alert to the changes around us and our clients’ needs.

Our team’s effort to make justice prevail in each concrete case is a source of constant satisfaction. In the same spirit, we create no obstacles to innovation and are continuously seeking creative solutions to overcome the strong formalism of the legal world.

To achieve those goals, our lawyers remain up-to-date with the latest developments in their fields by improving themselves professionally. As a result, they master the entire range of disciplines needed to understand thoroughly the problems submitted to them and are able to offer quick answers, based on a broad view of the issue at hand. Within this context, one of our distinguishing features is that we also work with professionals from ancillary fields, such as economists and accountants.

Our team of lawyers always prepares a detailed preliminary study on the feasibility and the procedural and substantive conduct of the cases submitted to it. This is our method of gaining absolute confidence before unequivocally defending the interests in which we truly believe.

In summary, our choice for quality, team spirit, well-rounded education and individual skills, coupled with the structure we have developed through all these years, has written our history of success. That is why Luz Moreira Advogados now stands for first-class services, as well as sound effective solutions to all types of litigations.

Our foremost goal is to satisfy our clients, which means winning their cases in a fair and speedy manner for a compatible price.